Chemka Hot Springs Day Trip

Chemka Hot Springs Day Trip

Kikuletwa Hot Springs or mostly known as Chemka Hot Spring is located in stunning Rundugai Village that is in between Moshi and Arusha. The village with the spectacular hot spring makes it a perfect gateway for a day trip while visiting Tanzania.The place offers beautiful natural surroundings, safe and clean water to take a dive in. The natural pool surrounded by the amazing roots of fig trees is not much crowded and you can enjoy a BBQ or delicious local lunch after taking a swim inside the warm water.

Chemka Hot Springs Itinerary

Chemka Hot Springs, locally known as kikuletwa Hot Springs. This is the only oases amongst the Tanzania savannah and a unique phenomenon. Here the ground water actively interacts with geo thermal sources; it forms a small number of lakes with warm, never standnating water. It is the best place to relax after tired summits. This is surrounded by green forests with chirping birds and the call of monkeys.

This place is perfect for a day trip, and that warm turquoise water welcomes you to swim and explore, float in the springs that are your own, entire Listen to the water lapping and overhead birds. You can also play on the rope swings. However, Swimsuit is a must.Get soaked into the geo-thermal waters of hot springs continued by a picnic lunch. You can also taste the local Tanzania food here. You can visit for local lunch at Rundugai village prepared by local ladies.

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