Materuni Waterfalls & Coffee Tour

Materuni Waterfalls & Coffee Tour

Materuni Village – Coffee and Waterfalls Day Trip. Materuni village is a beautifully lush area to visit on the outskirts of Moshi (it is actually the home of our Director, Ambrose- hence the name of the company!). Here  you can really get to grips with the life of the local Chagga people- wandering through the Materuni village and passing their homesteads. Located in the picturesque foothills of Kilimanjaro. Materuni has managed to retain its authentic edge over some of the other tourist attractions as it is not one of the routes for climbing Kilimanjaro. materuni

Day Tour Materuni Waterfalls Detail

After breakfast, you will Start the day with a quick force up into the slopes of Kilimanjaro, to the village of Materuni, about 1,800 m above sea stage. This lush rainforest place is thought for generating some of the most satisfactory coffee in East Africa. Begin the day with a visit to a small coffee farm and find out about how the coffee is grown, harvested, and processed locally. strive your very own hand at processing, roasting, and preparing a sparkling cup of coffee in the local Chagga manner. as soon as you’ve got finished enjoying your coffee after all amaizing tea, you’ll leave on a stunning 45-minute hike through the hills and valleys and you will path to the waterfalls. Alongside the way, your guide will educate you about local flowers and the way they may be used for food and conventional medicinal drug, in addition to giving you extra insight into the nearby Chagga lifestyle. The waterfalls are hidden in a pristine valley with cliffs towering up to 200ft overhead. The waterfalls are instantly down in a small pool where you can loosen up, take lunch, and opt for a swim in the chill mountain waters. After the fall hike, you may go back return to the car and go back to Moshi. This is an experience you’re certain to like, full of herbal beauty, attractive education, and of course coffee.

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